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One of my colleagues approached me a couple of weeks ago about creating a scripted solution to extract the data from a Lync VCFG Voice Configuration File. Traditionally the time and work involved in documenting a Lync voice deployment was a manual process, and I like to automate these things where I can. I’ve been working with VBScript and JavaScript in Windows Environments for a few year now. I had toyed around with Powershell, but this was the first real script that I’ve built. This is also my first chance to work with Powershell integration with Excel and XML data structures. I tried to keep it as clean and simple as possible. So here we go…

  • Export your VCFG from the Lync Control Panel.
  • Place the VCFG in the same folder as the LyncVCFGConverter.ps1 file.
  • Open the Powershell Command Windows and navigate to the directory where you have the files stored.
  • The syntax for running the script is .\LyncVCFGConverter.ps1 ConfigFileName.VCFG
  • The script will automatically start processing the VCFG file and extract the data from it.
  • Upon completion it will save the Excel spreadsheet and open it.
  • The information is separated into the following tabs: Location Profiles, PSTN Usages, PSTN Routes, Voice Policies, and Trunk Configuration

It’s a pretty simple straight forward process, and it includes status updates along the way. I will get some screen shots posted with more information later today.

Download LyncVCFGConverter.ps1

8 thoughts on “Lync 2010 VCFG Converter

  1. This is a great tool. I use it now to get my Lync Voice Configs in a readable, shareable format. It’s great. I would love something like this to take all the configs and publish to excel to document my set up.

    • I’m working on a few more tools which you might find useful. The main two are for the Lync TBXML Topology Builder files. I’ve finalizing the script that will document the entire topology (Sites, Servers, Settings, etc) in an Excel spreadsheet. As well as one that will create a Visio network diagram of the sites and servers deployment. I should have the first one posted in a day or two, and an early test version of the second one within a week or so.

  2. Hi Chris, Keep up the good work my friend ! I was wondering if you have any Tools / Scripts to convert the excel document into vcfg file to import the modified file back into Lync?

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  4. I’ve try with an operative VCFG file and it’s not running. I have this event in the Windows PowerShell:

    You cannot call a method on a null-valued expression.
    At C:\LyncVCFGConverter.ps1:219 char:17
    + $Workbook.SaveAs <<<< ($CurrentDirectory + $ExcelFileName)
    + CategoryInfo : InvalidOperation: (SaveAs:String) [], RuntimeException
    + FullyQualifiedErrorId : InvokeMethodOnNull

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